CEO / Co-Founder

Moshe Canty

Moshe Canty is the CEO and co-founder of Konchess Mind Ventures, LLC. He received his associate degree in individual studies from SUNY Ulster Community College and his undergraduate degree in organizational management from Alliance University.


His journey has been a tumultuous one, which, due to poor decision-making as a youth, led to him becoming a gang member and spending a total of 22 years incarcerated in prison. During his time of incarceration, Moshe would rise in the ranks of the gang but eventually grow weary of the intra-gang violence that accompanied the lifestyle. Consequently, Moshe would eventually denounce his former lifestyle and encourage his peers—and the youth who followed in their footsteps—to do the same.

Moshe is a motivational speaker, youth mentor, paralegal, martial artist, prison/re-entry expert, gang interventionist, author, and host of the podcast Konchess Moves. He is also currently the Assistant Director of Community Programs for a non-profit organization that serves justice-involved youth from underserved communities in Brooklyn, New York.

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