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Welcome to Konchess Mind Ventures LLC, a consortium of business enterprises dedicated to helping youth thrive in today's chaotic world. Our mission statement, "A Konchess Mind Makes the Best Moves", embodies a philosophy that encourages the youth to abstain from taking miscalculated risks and, instead, teaches them the importance of making Konchess moves to increase their likelihood for success in the game of life.

We are a reliable and professional business who specializes in youth and life-consulting services. We understand the importance of making calculated, successful choices in life to achieve success, and we strive to provide cost-efficient and impactful services to our clients to aid in this process. The values that we operate on are life, education, responsible decision-making, community, and potential, and we believe our clients should aspire to understand and excel in each of these areas.

Our overall goal is to maximize potential and produce a generation of responsible leaders by teaching our clients how to properly progress along the right path and make better decisions. To this effect, we provide comprehensive chess lessons and consulting services that allow our clients to make better, life-changing decisions.

Our vision is for a world in which youth are provided with the tools to unlock their potential and live a successful life. We strive to achieve this by setting a mission to save the lives of the youth, guide them along their journey, and assist them in overcoming the daily challenges they face.

If you’re looking to make better, more informed decisions in life, Konchess Mind Ventures LLC is here to help. We are an experienced and reputable provider that is determined to empower youth and make a positive impact on society. Contact us today at (646) 685-3058 for more information, and let us assist you in creating a successful future!

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